Durr VSA 300 S

The VSA systems combine vacuum generation and separation in a single compact assembly. Configured with hose lines, connections and a control unit, the VSA 1200 S and VSA 900 S systems simplify integration in every surgery, irrespective of whether they represent a new unit or a modernization measure. The central suction and separation improves efficiency in comparison to dry systems, as they minimise or even eliminate costs for additional automatic separators.

Software Tyscor Pulse

With the standard network connection, amalgam separators of the VSA system are not only installed plug & play ready, but can be integrated just as easily into the surgery-supply system digital monitoring and control system via the Tyscor Pulse software. This means the staff always know the status of the devices.

Technical Data:

  • Voltage (V 1~): 230
  • Frequency (Hz): 50
  • Max electrical output (kW): 0,58
  • Current consumption (A): 2.9
  • Vacuum (mbar): 180
  • Number of therapists: 1
  • Number of rooms at 60% simultaneous: 1
  • Max. fluid flow rate (l/min): 5
  • Dimensions without housing (H x W x D cm): 48 x 31 x 31
  • Weight without housing (kg): 14
  • Noise level1 without housing [db(A)]: approx. 63
  • Separation rate (%)2: 97,5
  • Certification: Z 64. 1-15

Download Durr Vsa 300 Manual (PDF format)