A multi-sector chair/table complete with 4 motors for height, backrest, legrest, and trendelenburg adjustments, a practical automatic reset switch that brings the table back to its original position. The headrest and the foot rest are removable and adjustable. Wide mattress customization.

Ideal for:
Facial-body treatments, light massages, hair removal, pressure therapy, manicures and pedicures, diagnostic examinations, dermatology and cosmetic surgery.

Key Features

  • 4 electric motors for height, backrest, legrest and trendelenburg adjustments
  • Anatomic mattress without stitches complete with removable headrest and footrest
  • Flat armrests
  • Hand set control with automatic reset function
  • Entirely enclosed ABS casing

Additional information

Weight: 89 kg
Dimensions: 190 × 74 × 88 cm

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