Puma ELI Ambidextrous


Instant reversibility

Designed to provide multi-operator dental surgeries or university dental schools with outstanding flexibility, the Puma ELI Ambidextrous dental unit offers an immediate solution with a rapid switchover from right-handed to left-handed user set-up.

The most versatile solution in the Castellini range, the Puma ELI Ambidextrous lets dentists personalise the dental unit according to their individual needs.While it can be used on its own, the patient chair can also be completed with the assistant’s side, suction and a light complete with multimedia workstation.An orthodontics version is also available.The right combination is simply a matter of choice.

Comfort above all else

This model – which remains compact and suitable for less spacious surgeries even though it can be converted for left-handed use – is built to be practical and versatile. Quickswitch reversibility ensures the dental team can take advantage of optimal ergonomics.

Thanks to the outstanding agility of the relative arms, the module can be positioned to meet every clinical need.

Unhindered movement

The Puma ELI Ambidextrous with hanging tubes has an arm system that allows the dentist’s module to be positioned anywhere within an extensive operating area, to the patient’s right or left. The assistant’s module is, thanks to the extensive support arm, always readily available for use during treatment whether an assistant is present or not.

The layout has specifically been designed to facilitate pick-up; for example, instruments are placed in holders with tilt angles that vary from the central holders to the outer ones.

The benefits of well-being

Thanks to compensated movements between backrest and seat, the patient chair accompanies the patient gently, minimising compression in the lumbar area. Fluid movement – especially during starts and stops – is always reassuring and creates a sensation of well-being during treatment.

Available as an optional feature, the padded upholstery adapts to patients of any build, ensuring proper anatomical support and maximum comfort at all times.

Download Puma Eli Ambidextrous Brochure (PDF format)