MYRAY Xray RXDC, HyperSphere technology

RXDC, HyperSphere technology

The best of DC X-ray units

Innovative design, revolutionary ergonomics, advanced technology.. RXDC – HyperSphere technology can, thanks to the full-swivel ball joint, reach any position with ease. With the wireless remote controller, the multi-mode option and the 28 adjustment levels according to sensor sensitivity, RXDC HyperSphere technology offers full adaptability to any operating requirements. A constant potential head tube (8 mA) with a tiny focal spot (0.4 mm at 30 cm) produces optimal images under all circumstances. Built with high quality materials, the device comes with comprehensive equipment. Versatile and easy to install, this X-ray unit offers dependability in every situation.

Optimal ergonomics for all your diagnostic requirements.

Hyper Ergonomy: RXDC – HyperSphere technology can easily reach any position thanks to its revolutionary ball joint. HyperSphere technology gives the RXDC unit full rotation capability. The tube revolves freely around the joint, allow it to reach practically any position, including the vertical. RXDC – HyperSphere technology also features an automatic touch-sensitive device for simple, efficient locking/release of the X-ray head tube so it can be repositioned effortlessly between one exposure and the next. Ergonomic zones on the sides of the head provide a firm grip for effective positioning.

  • Electro-brake with touch-sensitive control
  • Infinite position range
  • Maximum versatility
  • Complete reliability

Download Myray Xray Manual RXDX (PDF format)