Medeas Plus

Product Description

Hadewe Smart Displays
Are Breaking New Barriers For Podiatry

Article No. 0980

The suction unit Medeas creates a new standard by meeting the highest requirements. Modern, unique, and equipped with a couple of technical finesses it offers secure and clean work. The modern touch screen display makes work much easier in many ways. Preferred speeds are to be seen directly on the display. Help videos describe the most important features and make the first steps foolproof. Instructions (e.g. change filter bags, clean chuck, etc.) can be displayed on the monitor. With the help of an USB stick you can show your clients your own pictures, for example to
illustrate their treatment progresses.

The Medeas Plus has a handpiece with the superior hadewe clamping system, which holds tools strong at even high speeds of 40.000 rpm, and prevents instruments from slipping out.

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