EMAG Ultrasonic Bath

HDMS supply a full range of the German made EMAG ultrasonic baths in sizes form 1 litre to 10 litres.
All baths come with baskets, timer and heating functions more than adequate for the preparation of dental instruments before sterilization.
Easy to use and easy to maintain steel frame ultrasonic baths are built to last !

Product Details

Professional Ultrasound EquipmentMaintenance-free professional ultrasound equipment with a high level of efficiency
Outstanding cleaning, even with just water
Adjustable heating from 35 °C → 85 °C
Adjustable cleaning time with automatic shutdown
According to concentrate used, for cleaning of jewellery, coins, PCBs, optical lenses, shear heads, instruments, motor or precision mechanical parts


Emmi 30

Emmi 40

Power consumption (W):



Cleaning frequency (kHz):



Equipment dimensions L x W x H (mm):

265 x 165 x 240

320 x 170 x 220

Tank dimensions L x W x H (mm):

240 x 135 x 100

300 x 155 x 100


Emmi ultrasound equipment with stainless steel tank

Each with one basket and lid