Castellini Skema 8


Comfortable ergonomics

Designed for dentists who prefer hanging tubes, this compact module provides a wide range of positions around the operating zone. The layout of the instruments makes them easier to grasp, while the containing arrangement of each housing helps in preventing possible accidental falls of the instruments during repositioning.

Sliding Innovation

The innovative sliding system, which allows Innovation the seat to slide forward while lowering the backrest, maintains the operating zone unchanged thus the dentist has no need to move the accessories when performing the treatment. The Sliding function makes Skema 8 the perfect patient chair for small dental practices. Thanks to a seat displacement of 18cm, the doctor gains as much in terms of operating space in the 12 o’clock position, while the Soft Motion technology makes movements smoother and noiseless.

Fully integrated implantology

Skema 8 facilitates all implant dentistry treatments and operating protocols with a fully integrated implantology system, thereby allowing the doctor to use an easier implant technique and to focus exclusively on the task at hand and on the patient. The implantology configuration consists of a powerful Implantor LED induction micromotor, a peristaltic pump integrated into the dentist’s module and a cutting-edge control panel that makes it possible to quickly customise and store the speed, torque and delivery rate parameters of the pump.

The 7” capacitive multi-touch display is compatible with multimedia contents, as well as water and shock resistant. It is also possible to customise the user interface by storing different operator profiles on the same dental unit. Such customised setting can also be saved on a USB stick.

Accurate endodontics at all times

With Skema 8 all endodontic procedures and related treatments are supported, thereby providing a significant help to the doctor. Thanks to a safe and precise control of the endodontic bur, to the integrated bur database and to the perfect control of specialised functions, Skema 8 becomes a must-have for endodontics. Furthermore, the dental unit provides the dentist with the most sophisticated control parameters, such as Autostop, Autoreverse and Autoforward.

Exceptional brightness

The new Venus LED MCT lamp rotates on three axes to ensure perfect lighting of the operating field in any practice and position. Featuring exceptional brightness, it makes it possible to set specific values depending on the clinical needs. The No Touch sensor can switch on, off and adjust the luminous intensity up to 50,000 Lux.

Temperature adjustment

The innovative system makes it possible to illuminate with the right light every clinical discipline, with 3 different temperature values: warm, neutral and cool light.

CRI value

Absolute colour fidelity thanks to a colour rendering that on a 0 to 100 measuring scale stands above 95.

Composite mode

The quick and easy activation of the Composite mode prevents the pre-curing of composite materials.

Download Castellini Skema 8 Brochure (PDF format)