Castellini Skema 5


Small footprint and mobility combined

Designed to meet the needs of the most versatile dentists, the over-the-patient model is compact, thereby ensuring operational comfort, and provides new and appealing ergonomic solutions.

Refined comfort

For dentists who use instruments with hanging tubes, the new design of the module and the arm system ensure balance and mobility. Practical in every situation, Skema 5 CP is also provided with a flexible assistant’s unit mounted on an articulated arm.

Dentist’s module

Instruments are easier to grasp thanks to their position and the different inclination of the central instruments with respect to those placed on the sides. The housings are designed to facilitate the instrument re-positioning and guarantee maximum stability. The sixth instrument can be integrated on the side of the module.

In addition to being intuitive and easy-to-use, the LCD control panel is equipped with a touch-screen monitor that allows the doctor to use the simple gestures of modern technologies. Clear data visualisation and the possibility to quickly set the user’s preferences for the operating parameters, make the new control panel on Skema 5 a full-fledged and practical tool. Ideal for conservative dentistry and endodontics.

MCT Lighting

The new MCT Venus Led light rotates on 3 axis to ensure perfect lighting. The no touch sensor can switch on off and adjust the luminous intensity to 50000 LUX.


Reliable and efficient, the M.W.B. system, used in conjunction with Peroxy Ag+, acts against all water-borne contaminants, including Legionella. Tests carried out on a dental unit over a 3-month observation period showed that a regular use of M.W.B. and daily execution of an intensive disinfection cycle with the Autosteril system, ensure outstanding water hygiene quality, with bacterial loads kept at zero.

Download Castellini Skema5 Brochure (PDF format)