“Having finally taken the decision to set up a new orthodontic practice, I had to then realise it. First step was to acquire a premises, and then decide on what company would be best qualified to design and fit out the practice.

Although I pretty much knew I preferred to have an HDMS involved I looked into a number of dental companies. HDMS got on board straight away and I decided to go with them. As a new build they helped in confirming the premises were viable, designing the practice layout as well as choosing the equipment, which they then installed.

From start to finish of the project, I’ve found the HDMS team very professional, friendly, knowledgeable, reliable and they were always available for help and advice.

The completed practice was just as envisaged and we were all very pleased with the end result. It was a real pleasure working with HDMS and I look forward to working in such a modern clinic with the most up to date orthodontic and dental equipment .