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Infection Control – Covid 19

By 31st March 2020News

Dental Decontamination:

Implementing infection prevention and control measures within the surgery setting:

Disinfection within the dental practice is now more important than ever especially with the current outbreak of Covid 19. Like many infection diseases they can be transmitted from a contaminated surface to people. This is because some potentially harmful microbes can survive on surfaces for impressive amount of times increasing the likelihood of spreading to people.

Unsurprisingly within the dental surgery risks can be higher  for the spread of virus between patient, staff and many surfaces within practice surrounds.

Reliable equipment can help   in the decontamination process and ensure high levels of infection prevention control. By sourcing  equipment from trusted suppliers, this  is a key element in the process of cleaning , sterilization and maintenance of dental handpieces and instruments.

HDMS supply a range of dental autoclaves including the  Castellini and Midmark Class B vacuum autoclaves. All the information on our range of autoclaves can be found on

By implementing the most appropriate infection   prevention measures dental professionals can ensure they minimize the risks of cross contamination and thus adhering to the highest possible standards.


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