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Covid 19 Dental Solutions

By 28th April 2020News

Safety and Prevention

The current situation has led us to reconsider many of our habits and behaviors. The spread of COVID-19 forced us to stop everything, putting personal health protection at the forefront. Now that we are going to start our activities again, HDMS has considered how to do it safely. Dental clinics are considered as one of the environments most at risk of contamination by viruses and bacteria, thus becoming an important potential vehicle for the spread of any pathologies such as COVID-19.

What to do to start your business safely, ensuring the protection of the health of operators and patients? The countermeasures to be taken to bring your work environment into conformity are few but fundamental:

  • Have equipment / tools that can guarantee the disinfection and sanitization of the environments, both during daily practice and at the end of the day.
  • Always use compliant Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Formulate and comply with ad hoc procedures created to counter the potential transmission and spread of diseases caused by viruses, bacteria or germs.

HDMS has prepared a selection of certified, safe and easy-to-use devices which, used in combination, can be of great help in guaranteeing a healthy and optimal environment where to operate in compliance with standards and in health protection.

If interested please call Paul on 087 8702619 to place orders .

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